Journal Rules

  1. The article must be an original study, unpublished on any other book, newspaper, magazine, and journal. Editorial board can edit, cut down the article as required by the Journal.
  2. The article must be presented in Latex format, English language, Times New Roman font, 12 pts, have the structure of a scientific article.
  • The title must not exceed 20 words, addressing the main topic of the study of the issues that the study wants to solve.
  • Abstract and Keywords – The abstract shall not exceed 250 words. Keywords must be presented in alphabetical order;
  • Content (including: introduction; theoretical background and methodology; results and discussion; conclusion – policy and solution recommendation) shall be divided into sections and sub-sections numbered in 1,2; 1.1,1.2; 1.1.1, 1.1.2 order, sub-section name must be brief;
  • Notes (if any) must be located at the end of the article before references, numbered in 1, 2, 3 order. Name of person, region, terms in a foreign language must remain word for word, not be transcribed or translated;
  • Citations and References shall be presented consistently under APA (American Psychological Association) standards; list all utilized documents, citations in the article.
  • Annex (if any)
  1. Tables, figures and mathematical formulas must be numbered consecutively, with brief titles and source (the title of the table shall be on top of the table, titles of the graphic shall be under the graphic).
  • Mathematical formulas must use Mathtype. Formulas must be in original format without converting to picture formats. Equations must be numbered and numbers are put in a  bracket on the right side – for example, GDPmp = Cp +I p +C g + X – M   (1).
  • Data tables in the articles must be addressed consistently as Table, using the original table format without converting to picture format.
  • All graphs, charts, diagrams, drawings must be addressed consistently as Figures. To ensure the image quality, the author must attach original Microsoft Excel files, original image files (jpeg, bmp, gif, png), files in other graphic design formats (Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) or internet link that the images have been downloaded from.
  1. At the end of the article, the author shall note his/her full name, scientific title, qualifications, name and address of employer, phone number and email.
  2. The articles should be submitted through the online submission system or email at
  • For articles sent to the Editorial Board, please note that author shall not send to other journals before receiving publication denial from the Journal.
  • For unused articles, the Journal shall not return the drafts.